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Neanderthal Problems

Most people are familiar with the “first world problems” memes… well I saw some spin-offs of that…. 1980s problems and 1880s problems.  So I thought – why not neanderthal problems?


neanderthal problems 1



neanderthal problems female 2



neanderthal problems 3



neanderthal problems female 3



neanderthal problems 2



neanderthal problems female 1




Images: Wikimedia commons: male neanderthal: Photaro.  female neanderthal: UNiesert.  Images cropped, background removed, text added.


Palaeolithic protein powder

There really is such a thing:  protein powder aimed at paleo dieters.  Here’s a picture of it:

I don’t get it.  A diet that forbids all processed foods, yet protein that’s been highly processed to the point of being a powder that you can dissolve in water to make a meal replacement shake is allowed.   Chocolate flavoured too…

It created a whole bunch of amusing mental images…

Homo erectus chasing protein powder with pointy sticks for miles across the savannah: Homo erectus hunting protein powder

neanderthals sneaking up on unsuspecting protein powder, ready to strike:
neanderthals hunting protein powder

Homo sapiens sapiens hunting protein powder with long range weapons:

homo sapiens hunting protein powder

So if you want to “eat like a caveman” but don’t have time to hunt and gather your food, you can always make meal replacement shakes from palaeolithic protein powder….. like cause that’s authentic paleo, errr, you know…

Palaeolithic protein powder…. you made Homo erectus cry!  “I never ate stuff like that!  And it tastes yucky!”

You made Homo erectus cry!Pics:

images of protein powder from their company’s marketing (fair use: criticism, review)

all other images are my own artwork

What really happened: cave art

The original version of this cartoon involved cro-magnons only.  Then there was news that re-dating of cave art suggested that they could have been painted by neanderthals.  So I changed the cro-magnons in the second one to neanderthals.

cro magnon cave painting 1 (2)

cro magnon cave painting 2 (2)